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Coffee Ritz is a family-run roastery, which is driven by passion for roasting coffee beans and developing new blends of coffee from carefully selected coffee beans (Specialty coffee). Our coffee is roasted by small batches, which helps to care for every single pack of coffee. We offer everyone to try our coffee of the highest quality – its refined taste and uniqueness.

Coffee Ritz takes great care in selection of coffee beans. Every delivery of beans always receives an inspection before further processing. Because the main feature of our family business is the drive to create coffee that is not only of highest quality, but also simply delicious.

In Coffee Ritz every batch of coffee beans undergoes a three-step quality control process: the initial separation of the green beans from the damaged ones, the UV-light check of the green beans and the final check right after the roasting.

The coffee roasting is performed using high-grade hardware with digital control of the roasting process.

We use small size roasters – up to 2.5kg, which makes the quality control of the roasting process more precise and ensures the exceptional quality of the prepared Specialty coffee.

The Coffee Ritz perfectionism is also expressed in the development of coffee blends. Different sorts of coffee are mixed together in one coffee blend, taking into consideration the unique taste of every single one. The result of this exciting process is a rich and refined taste of coffee. Coffee from Coffee Ritz.

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