subscription coffee

For our regular customers we offer regular deliveries of freshly roasted coffee – “Subscription

This means that we will regularly roast coffee on the previously agreed upon schedule, just for you. In Latvia delivery is free! For Europe starting from 3kg – free delivery!

Considering the fact that the contract is signed for a specific time, we offer a discount for each kilogram of coffee. The discount is calculated individually, depending on the amount of deliveries, their frequency and the length of subscription.

The coffee for the subscription can be selected from our shop. It is also possible to create a special preorder for a different sort of coffee, which may not be available in the shop. In this case, we will provide you with a price list of coffee beans that are available for preorder.

For example, if you consume 2kg of coffee per week, we will roast 4kg of coffee beans every other Tuesday of the month and we will deliver them to your home or your office on the next Monday. This way you will receive freshly roasted coffee once every two weeks.

The roasting takes place 5 days before the delivery, because the coffee beans require a 5 days “rest” after being roasted.

Pros of subscription:

  • You do not waste time on creating an order every week/month
  • It is more financially beneficial
  • Your home or office always have freshly roasted coffee

The subscription can be arranged for a period of 1 month to 1 year. It is possible to pay the entire price of subscription at once or in parts.

For any additional information and pricing, please fill the form or write to us at

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