individual coffee

An innovative coffee roastery Coffee Ritz is offering their clients individual coffee creation. This could be a blend of several specially selected coffee sorts from different coffee regions (for example Kenya, Peru, Costa Rica), or this could be coffee from a single region, a single country and a single farm, (for example Fazenda Santuario Sul in Brazil). In order to create a unique coffee, we offer a selection of coffee beans from 15 world countries and more than 100 different farms and holdings, which will be perfect both for the blend creation and for an individual coffee from a single farm.

For the blend creation, similar and completely different coffee sorts are not used. The ingredients of a blend must complete one another and must accentuate their respective flavor nuances. If multiple sorts of coffee with different strongly pronounced flavors are used, they will simply overpower each other and as a result, will all be lost in a cup. As such, the majority of blends contain one or two main (baseline) coffee sorts and one rich, defining flavor. In a ready drink, you can feel the flavor of the full bean bouquet and not each coffee sort separately. Therefore, the flavor qualities of mixed blends are heavily dependent on the used ingredients. The upside is that by combining multiple types of coffee, it is possible to obtain very rich flavor variations and achieve an excellent aroma and flavor nuances.

Single sort coffee is made from coffee beans that are grown and gathered on one single plantation (territory) in the same coffee harvesting period. Single sort coffee has a completely different quality that is always the best. You can personally experience the exclusive and one of a kind flavor and aroma that was made by nature itself. This is the main difference of coffee beans that were gathered from a single farm or plantation. Every type of coffee is special and exclusive.

Coffee Ritz will develop an individual coffee bean roasting profile based on the clients’ wishes. The individual coffee roasting is a special selection of coffee sorts, degrees of roasting, flavor nuances and combination of aromas. The goal of a blend is to find and combine different flavor qualities of coffee: caramel, cinnamon, chocolate, nuts, whiskey, wine, fruits and berries, coconut, flowers and many others more.

Professionally selected sorts of coffee and the developed high quality blend are the exact things that guarantee excellent and one of a kind flavor qualities of coffee in your cup.

Minimum order size 5kg.